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Surgical treatment is carried out along with conservative therapy. The surgeon's help consists in opening abscesses and phlegmon with further washing and pumping out the purulent contents. In advanced cases, excision of adhesions is used.

Actinomycosis is a disease that affects the skin of a person, his mucous membranes and internal organs. Actinomycosis is caused by microorganisms that occupy an intermediate position between bacteria and fungi - radiant fungi, isolated in an independent group.

Radiant mushrooms are permanent residents in the human body, which, when the body's defense system is weakened, become activated and cause actinomycosis. The defeat of internal organs by radiant fungi is difficult and often complicated by the layering of a secondary purulent infection. The first actinomycosis disease was described in 1879 in a patient with the surname Yzraeli.

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Actinomycosis in humans is caused by radiant fungi actinomycetes. Actinomycetes have similarities with generic viagra pills and bacteria, therefore they are isolated in an independent group 17. They are similar to bacteria in the presence of a nucleoid. They are united with mushrooms by a filamentous structure, which, intertwining, forms a mycelium. Some actinomycetes reproduce by spores, which also makes them related to fungi. Actinomycosis occurs in all countries of the world.

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Causes and causative agent of actinomycosis.

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Actinomycetes are very stable in the environment and are widely distributed in nature.

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They can be found in the soil, on spikelets of grain crops, in dust, on damp walls.

The human body is also no exception, actinomycetes live in the human body as part of the conditionally pathogenic intestinal microflora, there are actinomycetes in plaque, carious cavities, tonsils. In this regard, there are two types of infection - exogenous and endogenous.

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The growth of the granuloma proceeds from the center of the lung to the periphery, with the involvement of the sheets of the visceral and then the parietal pleura with the development of an inflammatory reaction in them and the subsequent formation of adhesions between the sheets.

Actinomycosis of the skin can develop as a result of puncturing the skin with a straw, thorn and other sharp parts of the plant with the simultaneous introduction of actinomycetes into the wound.

At the beginning of its development, the infiltrate has a bluish color, but as it forms, it acquires a purple-red color. A softening area appears in the center of the infiltrate, which extends to the periphery of the infiltrate, a fluctuation symptom occurs. The content of the granuloma contains a large number of colonies (druse) of the radiant fungus.

From the primary focus, actinomycosis can spread to neighboring tissues through the subcutaneous fat with the formation of sildenafil. The skin around the fistulous opening has a cyanotic color characteristic of actinomycosis. As the granuloma melts, blood vessels are also damaged. If the contents of the granuloma through the damaged vessel wall enters the blood, then actinomycosis can acquire a generalized form.

After piercing the skin with a straw or some sharp part of the plant and introducing a radiant fungus into the wound, actinomycosis of the skin develops. In the thickness of the skin, an infiltrate of a board-like density begins to form.

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If the radiant fungus enters the body by aerogenic means, then actinomycosis of the lungs develops. In the lungs, a primary focus is also formed similar to that in actinomycosis of the skin. The patient begins to suffer from coughing with discharge of viagra sputum. The appearance of blood in the sputum indicates the spread of fusion of the lung tissue with damage to the vascular wall. During auscultation, single moist rales are heard, and with the formation of a cavity in the lung, an amphoric type of breathing can be heard.

If bacterial flora joins the contents of the granuloma, then a purulent abscess, sometimes phlegmon, occurs at the site of the granuloma, which require a surgeon's consultation.

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The percussion clinical picture changes from the appearance of areas of dullness at the beginning of actinomycosis of the lungs to the appearance of a tympanic shade of sound during the melting of infiltrates and the formation of cavities. The appearance of infiltrates in the lung tissue gives an increase in voice trembling during palpation of the chest.

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Often foci of actinomycosis metastasize to other organs. Actinomycosis is fatal within one to two years, sometimes within a couple of months. The illness can last up to five years. There may be cases of self-healing with a mild course.

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The process becomes chronic. Foci of actinomycosis break out, into neighboring organs, i.e. fistulous passages are formed. The patient's condition is serious. General depletion of the body develops.

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